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I * FP6 “IP” TFQT. Partnership Meeting – Firenze  19/Dec/2003


The key indication to all potential partners of TFQT Proposal of the meeting are the following:


<!--[if !supportLists]-->1)      <!--[endif]-->Scientific & Technological ERA Grouping Organization  in relation of chain foodstuffs

GENERAL COORDINATOR : Vincenzo Vecchio Agricultural Dept.Florence Univ.


ERA-GO.1- MEAT – Responsible Alessandro.Giorgetti@unifi.it tel +39/055/3288356

ERA-GO.2  MILK -   Responsible Danilo Ercolini ercolini@unina.it  +39/081/2539407

ERA-GO.3)-VEGETABLES Resp- Vincenzo.Vecchio@unifi.it  +39/055/3288292

ERA-GO.4)  Bio-TECHNOLOGY Resp-Marco Mascini mascini@Unifi.it +39/055/4573283


<!--[if !supportLists]-->2)      <!--[endif]-->“Knowledge Management” of Economic  Dissemination and training project’s activities.

General Coordinator : Paolo Manzelli LRE@UNIFI.IT +39/055/332549 (+39/335/6770004)

"K.M."  Commitee:

Lisetta Ghiselli  lisetta.ghiselli@unifi.it +39/055/3288245 – Gen.Secretary.

Corrado Finardi –COLDIRETTI corrado.finardi@coldiretti.it  Economic -Enterprises Rel..

Giacomo Petrini-  g.petrini@consorzioqualital.it Dissemination Activities

Gian Luigi Mauriello gianmauri@unina.it Partnership aggregation

Pietro Vigano vigano@infoeuropa.it  Consortium Agreement +39/055/315254


This Group of responsibles and the KM Committee will meet in Florence c/o Agricultural Dept. Ple Cascine 1 – Florence Italy the  13/ GENN./2004 h. 11.00 – 14.00.




- The Person coordinating any ERA-partnership’s Grouping , has the responsibility to develop a sub project based on an European Research Area  on the FoodStuff Chain selected.

- The partners of each ERA GO need to consider the presence of European Industry to participate to an Integrated Project and also to compose a group of partners coming at least from 3 European Countries

- The main focus of the Science & Tech Research will be the TRACEABILITY OF FOOD ORIGIN ( of  Production and Geographic).

 - All the “LETTER OF Intent and A2” Forms received till 10/DEC/2003 will be enclosed in the TQFT –WEB:  the coordination of this work will be made by G.L.Mauriellogianmauri@unina.it

-Pietro Vigano will Contact the partner UEAPME for organizing a “TFQT CONSOTIUM MEETING in BRUXELLES the last Week og Juanuary 2004 . vigano@infoeuropa.it

- The dead line to send the LETTER OF INTENT Originally signed and the form A2 is the 10 JANUARY 2004  <LRE@UNIFI.IT> and to Lisetta Ghiselli <
The Letter of Intent in Original Copy need to be addressed by traditional to LRE-EGO-CreaNET. Via Maragliano 77  - 50144  Firenze Italy .




The TFQT IP Proposal  can considered for a three year program a

TOTAL Budget of 15. Million EURO.

10. Mil of Euro i.e. about 2/3 of the Total Budget can be considered the amount of the requested contribution to EU Commission from partners enjoining in the Additional Cost  or Similar

 (100 % EU  Financial aid.)

5.Mil. of Euro 1/3 of the Total Budged need to be find by the TFQT Consotium by Full Costs participation  e.g. partners coming from Industry or other Enterprises or Institution working at the rate of 50%  EU co-Finance.)


Invito a presentare proposte di azioni indirette di RST nell'ambito del programma specifico di ricerca, sviluppo tecnologico e dimostrazione: «Integrare e rafforzare lo Spazio europeo della ricerca» Area tematica prioritaria: «Qualità e sicurezza dei prodotti alimentari» Codice identificativo dell'invito: FP6-2003-Food-2-A e FP6-2003-Food-2-B (2003/C 266/08)




See preliminary info. http://www.infoeuropa.it/Eventi/sixth_framework_program.htm


10/10/03 à 10/11/03


   search for sub-projects for improving “ERA integrated models”  for improving  complete food chains traceability  inclusive of advanced  scientific methods and demonstration /dissemination infrastructure to assure consumer confidence in the quality, safety and origin of foods.

  1.2) FOOD CHAIN’s Traceability  PLANNING -10/10/03

- MEAT and Derivatives

- MILK            


-Olive Oil



1.3) CURRENT STATUS Sub-Projects  –  10/10/03

(N° EU- partners and Counties) see: http://www.chim1.unifi.it/group/education/pin/tasti3/doc_fp6.htm

MEAT -  N° 8 – ES (5), PG (1), UK (1) ,FR (1)

MILK  -  N   2 -  IT (2)

Potatoes –N  2 -  IT (1) , BG (1)

1.4) - NEXT STEP

          Organize an intermediate meeting

           Date :  ( to be choose)

           Venue : ( “             )



10/11/03 à 10/12/03

2.1 ) OBIECTIVE : developing a “ Pilot sharing methodology “ for  strengthening  cross linkages among partners on specific a)  scientific  and   b) information activities.


a) Traceability scientific & technological  methodologies

- Food Origins ( Biological, Geographical)

-Natural Tracers


-Microbial contamination

-Other Analytical Methods for food characterization and GMO tracking.

b) - Information and Demonstration Infrastructure

- Preventing Frauds Protocols and food Labeling

- Involvement Relevant SME’s and stakeholders

- High standard Training Activities


(N° EU- partners and Counties)

( To be described)

2.4) - NEXT STEP

Developing an on line collaboration to write the BID part B.

( To be co- organized)



10/12/03à 10/01/2004


       Developing the TFTQ – Knowledge Management practices for complete traceability models

3..2  PLANNING   ( to be co-organized)

-         Steering Committee

-         Scientific Committee

-         Technological Committee

-         Financial Committee

3.3  - CURRENT STATUS  : ( to be described)

3.4 ) – NEXT STEP

          Developing the detailed Working plan for the first 18 Month , inclusive of GANTT carts (i.e. the timing of tasks required to complete a project) ; decide the duration of the project ( 3 / 5 years ) ; define the Budget Plan



10/01/04 à 10/02/2004

4.1)            OBJECTIVE :

Consortium Agreement ( C.A. )

4.2 ) PLANNING : choose the best model of  C.A.

4.3 ) CURRENT STATUS  of  the BID /BUDGET ( to be described)

4.4)   NEXT STEP – Organize the Final International Meeting

                        Date :  ( to be choose)

                        Venue : ( in  SOFIA –  BULGARIA ????  to be defined )


Considerations on the Evaluation Session of “Integrated Projects” (New Knowledge Instruments for FP6 "IP" ) Written by an Official Evaluator for LRE/EGOCREANET/Florence University Italy.


Paper for the Congress on the Title :  "OGM-QUO-VADIS" -> 11-12 September   2003-> Bucharest Romania.


Dead line previosion 13/FEB/2004

5.4.4 Area: "Traceability" processes along the production chain The objective is to increase consumer confidence in the food supply by strengthening the scientific and technological basis for ensuring complete traceability along the entire food chain including animal feed. It will ensure that products can be linked to their source while also protecting products of declared origin (both geographical and production system). It will also assure traceability of genetically modified organisms, and other products based on recent biotechnology developments, from raw material origin to purchased food products. 

(T4.1) Development of reliable traceability methods and systems to establish the origin/ mode of production of food products - IP The aim is to satisfy demand for harmonised, reliable, rapid and cost-effective methodologies and protocols needed to prevent fraud and to assure consumer confidence in the quality, safety and origin of food and to enable rapid and cost-effective product withdrawal. Taking a number of different foodstuffs, product-specific and generic traceability systems including analytical markers, technical and organisational aspects to determine production, species, and geographical origin, will be developed using natural tracers and other compounds. Development of a comprehensive information system (e.g. documentation system, information management) on authenticity along with the establishment of a high standard of training, demonstration and dissemination infrastructure is imperative. Building on existing technologies and scientific networks, the project will develop and demonstrate a working system suitable to all food chain stakeholders. The involvement of all relevant stakeholders is sought particularly addressing the wants and needs of consumers.



Dear Potential Partners

interested on the FOOD QUALITY & SAFETY European Priority of the Sixth Framework Program ,
the LRE/EGO-CreaNET of the University of Florence , aims to develop a Knowledge Management for the promotion of a collaborative Consortium developing a bid/budget  for the II° call on FP6 - 5.4.4./ T4.1  priority.

The general issue will be: TYPICAL FOOD QUALITY TRACEABILITY .

See preliminary information about the II° Call in: http://www.infoeuropa.it/Eventi/sixth_framework_program.htm

As you probably know no one proposal was financed on T4.1 First Call, probably  for the difficulties to co-ordinate all tasks requested by the call in a criticall mass of networking Trans European partnership.
Therefore effective partners of the II° CALL proposal should demonstrate their plans and roles in a way that the partnership's Consortium will be adequate to fulfill the complex tasks of the FP6 - 5.4.4.// T4.1,  that will be expected to be carried out by the cooperative trans-European Consortium.
For this reason I ask to all potential partners to fulfill the SCHEMA that is included in : http://www.infoeuropa.it/Eventi/sixth_framework_program.htm

After this I would like to develop with you a preliminary approach to the BID/BUDGET that is considering your kind reply to the data in the
SCHEMA. Thank you very much to reply by e-mail , to me fulfilling the SCHEMA before the 5/Sept/2003 .
Very cordially Paolo Manzelli <LRE@UNIFI.IT> Firenze (IT) 05/AUG/2003

Download the SCHEMA